One Nation WA questions Labor Nazi laws

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation WA Leader Rod Caddies has questioned Government priorities after the announcement of plans for new laws to target nazis.


“We have a cost of living crisis, a housing crisis, a health crisis and an education crisis, and WA Labor is putting its energy into distracting the public” said Mr Caddies.


Mr Caddies noted that although everyone would agree that nazis and fascism have no place in our democracy, there seemed to be no examples if it being an issue.


“I don’t have any time for people who idolise the nazis or Hitler, or any authoritarian murderous regime or ideology, and I do not know anyone who genuinely does” said Mr Caddies.


“I am not sure what has driven the Cook Government to bring this bill to the parliament, and it will be worthwhile looking closely at the wording”.


Mr Caddies noted the Cook Labor Government, and Minister Papalia in particular, have been implementing ever more draconian legislation that is going unchecked in the WA Parliament due to Labor’s one-party control of Western Australia.


“We have a lot of examples of this government implementing laws in a way they themselves would have considered inappropriate and possibly authoritarian in the past”.


Recent media reports highlighted the fact the Minister Papalia, when in opposition in 2009, suggested knife laws being proposed by the Barnett Government at the time were fascist in nature. When questioned about his glaring hypocrisy when introducing identical laws in 2024, Mr Papalia claimed that “the world had changed since 2009”.


Mr Caddies also noted the attempted Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act, the implementation of AI powered surveillance cameras and the new firearm bill, as well as Labor’s documented disrespect for the parliament were examples of authoritarian tendencies, which are as big a concern now as they were in 2009, and 1936.


“I don’t see any nazis getting around in WA, but I do see a Labor Government which is forcing their ideology on Western Australia in ever more authoritarian ways, with really badly written laws.”


Mr Caddies said One Nation was building up its local organisation in WA, and was excited by the level of support in the community.


“More and more people are realising the progressive left is a real danger to our way of life, and understand that now is the right time to support Pauline Hanson’s One Nation in WA”