One Nation's Strong Showing in Fadden By-Election: A Testament to Unity and Dedication


The recent Fadden by-election saw One Nation rise above the competition, demonstrating its resilience and popularity among voters. Despite contending with 13 candidates, One Nation's vote remained strong, paving the way for success in the challenging electoral landscape.

Greens' Loss: A Punishment from Queensland Voters

While One Nation celebrated their victory, other parties, notably the Greens, faced a significant setback in Queensland. The Greens' vote plummeted by nearly 5%, indicating a clear message from voters. This outcome highlights the shifting political dynamics in the region and reinforces the importance of understanding and addressing the electorate's concerns.

A Shining Candidate and Dedicated Volunteer

A special congratulations goes out to the remarkable One Nation candidate, Sandy Roach. Her dedication, commitment, and connection with the constituents were crucial in securing this triumph. Sandy's efforts served as a shining example of what a strong candidate can achieve with passion and hard work.

Additionally, none of this success would have been possible without the invaluable support of the dedicated volunteers. The tireless efforts of those who assisted during pre-poll and manned polling booths on election day contributed significantly to One Nation's victory. Their unwavering commitment and enthusiasm exemplify the true spirit of grassroots political movements.

Watch Pauline's Sky Interview on Fadden

A Heartfelt Thank You

On behalf of One Nation, we extend a heartfelt thank you to each volunteer. Your work is not only appreciated but also vital to the success of our party. Your contributions and sacrifices strengthen our position as a prominent political force, and we are eternally grateful for your unwavering support.


One Nation's impressive performance in the Fadden by-election is a testament to the party's unity, dedication, and unwavering commitment to its ideals. With an outstanding candidate like Sandy Roach and the support of our exceptional volunteers, we look forward to continuing our journey as a powerful political entity that champions the values and aspirations of Australians.



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