Pauline Hanson's Hand Knits

Introducing the exclusive hand-knitted collection from Senator Pauline Hanson. Each one is hand-knitted over a period of approximately 60 hours or more by the founder and leader of One Nation, Senator Pauline Hanson herself. These distinct jumpers/cardigan are a treasure to behold. Picture the pride of showcasing a one-of-a-kind Pauline Hanson jumpers/cardigan that is truly unique!

All proceeds will go into the Pauline Hanson's One Nation Fighting Fund to fight for our rights to freedom of speech, democracy with regard to allegations made by Mehreen Faruqui (Greens Deputy Leader), which is now before the courts.

Each jumper/cardigan has Pauline Hanson's own private label incorporated into the design and will come with its own signed certificate of authenticity.

To ensure fairness and provide everyone with an equal opportunity to secure one of these coveted jumpers/cardigan, we're conducting a traditional online auction. This exciting process allows all participants to openly place their bids on our secure online platform.

As the bids escalate, so does the anticipation! The participant with the highest bid at the close of the auction will have the exhilarating opportunity to purchase one of these exclusive hand knit's by Pauline Hanson, unless you can make an offer we can't refuse before the end of the auction.

Don't hesitate! Step into the thrilling world of bidding now and join our open auction. This system allows you to engage in the dynamic bidding process at your own comfort level, without any rush or pressure. Don't let this golden opportunity pass by - place your bid now and stand a chance to become the proud owner of a priceless, hand-knitted Pauline Hanson's jumper/cardigan!


If possible, you might be a lucky person to have your jumper/cardigan hand delivered by Pauline Hanson herself.

Average fit is a large 10 to a small 14.





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