Pauline Hanson Targets Woke Lefty Liberals

For too long conservative Australian values have been undermined by woke, lefty-Liberals and if Scott Morrison will not stand up to them then I am happy to do his job for him and send them packing.

I will always tell you where I stand and speak the truth without fear or favour.

I will fight for what I believe in and I’m prepared to answer the tough questions that come my way.

This is why I am targeting the woke Liberals in five of the 151 lower house seats.

I know the Nationals and their supporters will not be happy about the Liberals’ lurch to the left on these issues either, which is why I’m prepared to work with them in all their seats to offset the possible loss of Coalition seats held by left-leaning Liberals.

One Nation is not here to prop up the major parties. One Nation is here to represent the people of Australia, to stand up for true Aussie values, and to do what is right.

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