Running Scared from People Power

The Queensland government reversed course yesterday, lifting mandates on most venues, despite last week labelling anyone who questioned them as an anti-vaxxer.

The corporate media have of course gone nuts, burying their lead with alarmist headlines on skyrocketing case numbers, deaths and new variants.

Ho hum. Some things never change.

What no media outlet will say, however, is that this unexpected 'change of heart' was almost certainly sparked by last week’s protests against the Bill extending emergency powers/measures another 6 months.

It mirrored moves made in Canada earlier this year, when even the most hardline Premiers, unexpectedly lifted mandates and restrictions across their states.

Anyone paying attention knew instantly that their sudden backflip was caused, not by new health advice from science we have never seen, but by the unparalleled success of the Canadian Trucker Convoy and the mass popular support it inspired worldwide.

Here in Australia, millions took to the road throughout February in 'Convoys to Canberra' that rocked the nation despite media efforts to suppress the story.

This was followed in March by the epic Convoy to Brisbane protests held outside Queensland Parliament, as the Government passed the deeply unpopular extension of Emergency powers’ Bill.

As the debate drew to a close last Thursday, MPs’ words were drowned out by the furious protest happening outside.

Not a single MP sitting in the House that day was left in any doubt as to just how furious ordinary Queenslanders were at the extensions of these authoritarian powers.

And this was no rag-tag bunch of Soros-funded activists, or Antifa 'tragics', but a true movement of 'the People' against their government and their representatives in Parliament.

The stuff of nightmares for globalists worldwide.

I will never forget the feeling in the House that day, as government MPs struggled to keep up the façade of indifference and disdain. The whole atmosphere, inside and outside the House, was absolutely electric!

Someone even said jokingly, that you could smell the ‘spirit of revolt’ in the air.

Those controlling things behind the scenes are NOT stupid. They know, better than anyone, how quickly the 'contagion' of rebellion can spread—like a virus. If left unchecked, it could prove impossible to stop altogether and that’s what they need to avoid at all costs.
Don’t ever let them tell you 'the people' are powerless, because it simply isn’t true and I reckon today proved it.

So let’s take this as a 'win' and use it as a launching pad to keep fighting until every last mandate, draconian law and restriction has been consigned to the dustbin of history, permanently.

Bring on the election….!

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