Please don’t share this news!

We’ve got a little secret; please don’t tell anyone, not even your mum. The radical left has lost their minds over Pauline’s knitted jumpers, with some journalists trying to mock Pauline for her hard work.

Well, their mocking strategy backfired. Don’t tell anyone this, but our shop orders have exploded with all the attention. For example, all our stickers have sold faster than access to Palaszczuk’s ministers. 

The left always complains female politicians only get media coverage for what they wear, not important things like, you know, policy. But here we are, in the middle of a media storm where the left criticises what a female politician is wearing, sustainable clothing she made with her bare hands at that. Who would have thought, right?

One Nation is running a competition; if you can send us by emailing us the funniest placement of a sticker you’re got from our shop, we’ll send our pick of the bunch a lovely prize. Keep it clean, legal, and, unlike Lidia Thorpe, keep it classy.

This news is TOP SECRET, don't tell the radical left, they might keep doing our marketing team's job for them!





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