Queensland crying out to be set free

The people of Queensland are crying out for Annastacia Palaszczuk to set them free, with ongoing restrictions in the state continuing to destroy businesses and threaten the post-pandemic economic recovery.

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson, who has been meeting with regional Queensland communities in recent days, said there was no longer justification for any ongoing pandemic restrictions in Queensland.

“People in regional Queensland are telling me about local businesses which have re-opened in the hopes of bouncing back from the COVID-19 nightmare, but which are losing money and even closing down thanks to ongoing restrictions imposed by the authoritarian nightmare which is the Palaszczuk Labor government,” Senator Hanson said.

“We’ve all seen how much the Palaszczuk government has relished the control it has exercised during the pandemic, and it’s alarming to see just how reluctant they are to let it go. They’ve announced that some restrictions will be lifted on 4 March, but not all. Why are we being made to wait another two pointless weeks?

“It’s time to let go, Premier. Regional pubs – which in many towns are often the only social outlet and community gathering place – are struggling with turnover down 70% from what it should be because they’re not allowed to have unvaccinated patrons under the Palaszczuk pandemic regime. Other businesses are facing the same issues, and towns are dying as a result. It makes no sense when the vaccinated and unvaccinated are mingling freely in public places like shopping centres, and when the data clearly shows fully vaccinated people still contract and transmit COVID-19.

“We are either living with COVID-19 or we are not. Living with it means accepting it is endemic and here to stay, and relinquishing the extraordinary power the Palaszczuk government has wielded over Queensland the past two years.

“Now that we’re finally open to international tourists again, we need to make sure our hospitality sector is thriving rather than struggling to accommodate them.

“Just let go, Premier. Give Queensland its freedom back.”

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