Rallying call to stop Voice

As the Prime Minister announces the date for the Voice Referendum, October 14th, we face a critical juncture in our nation’s history. In these last remaining weeks before the referendum, the Left will be more resolved than ever to rally all their resources for the Yes campaign and redouble their efforts to turn around the disastrous polling that they have been facing these last few months.


We mustn't allow them to hoodwink voters in this final stretch before polling day. Those of us who stand against this madness mustn't get complacent. Voters have woken up to Albanese’s divisive agenda, but we must continue fighting until this threat to our national unity is buried.

As Australians who cherish the values that have defined our great nation, we cannot allow this left-wing lunacy, which has already infiltrated so much, to enter even our Constitution.

What is at stake here is the very core of our national identity. The radicals pushing for this change want nothing more than to undermine our values, our traditions, and our unity. They seek to create a parallel structure that would only fracture our society and provide an opening for those who want to undermine the foundations of our democracy.

We have seen the devastating consequences of these left-wing ideologies in other parts of the world; we cannot stand by and allow our great nation to be consumed by the same divisive forces. We must stand firm to show everyone who wants to divide and subvert our foundational institutions that we are still One Nation. We must redouble our efforts to ensure Australians stop this divisive agenda and Vote No.


The Hon. Tania Mihailuk MLC

30 August 2023

NSW One Nation

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