Right to Farm at Heart of One Nation Agricultural Policy

Farmers’ rights will enjoy greater protection in a signature agricultural policy for South Australia launched by One Nation today.

One Nation SA leader Jennifer Game said the party believed strongly in the right to farm and understood the importance of agriculture to South Australia’s economy and exports.

“South Australia’s economy is not in the best shape but agriculture has always been a strength for our state,” Ms Game said. “We undoubtedly have some of the best farmers in the world, and we need to step back and let them do what they’re best at. The right to farm is at the heart of our policy.

“Farmers need water security, especially in a drought-prone state like ours. We’ll stop the government putting pressure on farmers in the Mount Lofty Ranges to install low-flow bypasses around their dams. We’ll work to ensure no more water has to be given up to the Basin Plan by efficient SA irrigators – they have sacrificed enough already. We’ll also work to streamline drought assistance for farmers to ensure they get support when it’s needed.

“We will work to protect prime agricultural land from development and urban encroachment. We oppose the radioactive waste dump at Kimba, and we will seek a review of the state’s Mining Act 1971 to strengthen protection for farmers and their land. One Nation will also revive the stalled process of strengthening and extending pastoral leases while focusing on eliminating green tape – we recognise our pastoralists are the best at looking after their land.

“One Nation will also seek to focus South Australia’s trade effort on diversifying export markets for our farmers so they are more resilient to trade shocks such as the one inflicted by China with its punitive tariffs on South Australian wine, barley and seafood. At the Federal level we’ll work to make trade agreements fairer, and harder to weaponise for political purposes.

“South Australians are justifiably proud of our primary producers. We enjoy a unique lifestyle here in part because of the abundant high-quality food and wine produced here by our farmers. South Australia is a world leader in agriculture, and One Nation plans to keep it that way.”

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