Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell: One Nation's Groundbreaking Representation in the Victorian Parliament

Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell, One Nation's representative for the North Victoria Region, has officially begun her tenure as a Member of the Legislative Council (MLC) in Victoria. This week, she was given the keys to her electorate office in Wangaratta, where she will be based for at least the next six months to provide easy access for her constituents.

The North Victoria Region, which Rikkie represents, is the largest land area constituency in Victoria, covering 102,170 square kilometres. This means Rikkie has a significant area to cover and many communities to connect with during her first four-year term. However, we are confident that she will do an excellent job on the ground, representing the diverse communities within her constituency.

In addition to her work in Wangaratta, Rikkie has also been setting up her parliamentary office at the Parliament of Victoria in Melbourne. Here she has been undergoing inductions and networking with her parliamentary colleagues, to ensure she is well prepared to best represent North Victoria on the floor of the Legislative Council.

Rikkie is honored to be given the opportunity to represent her region in parliament and is the first Victorian to carry the One Nation party into the Victorian Parliament. Her election is a significant milestone for the party and for the region she represents. Rikkie's election is a testament to the trust and confidence that the people of North Victoria have in her, and she is determined to live up to that trust. We look forward to seeing the positive impact she will make in the coming years.

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