SA Libs Back Down

One Nation is thrilled to see the South Australian Liberal Party taking a position that aligns with ours regarding the First Nations Voice Bill 2023 proposed by the Malinauskas Government. One Nation takes full credit for forcing this back down by the state branch of the Liberals.


If it were not for the hard work of Sarah Game, our first MP elected from South Australia, the Liberals would have been lock-in-step with the Labor party in forcing the diabolical proposal on South Australians.

We say the South Australian proposed model is rushed and would create a third chamber of parliament. We are glad that the Liberal Party has finally decided to oppose the Bill in its current form. 

As much as we appreciate the Liberal’s support, it is still concerning that the proposed Bill lacks details and has no clear practical outcomes to improve the lives of Aboriginal South Australians. We have many concerns about the proposed Bill, particularly section 40, which essentially creates a third chamber speaking into the parliamentary process. It is indeed unnecessary to have a First Nations Voice that presents to parliament when we already have the House of Assembly and the Legislative Council.

It is disappointing that the Labor government rushed the Bill, and it was fairly poorly consulted. At One Nation, we believe that Aboriginal South Australians should have been brought along on this journey. We agree that the government should have conducted a more rigorous consultation with hundreds of Aboriginal people, organisations, and communities about practical ways we can help change their lives.

It is not too late to do so, and we hope that the Liberal Party's decision to oppose the Bill will send a strong message to the Labor government to do better and scrap the bill.

One Nation will always oppose racial discrimination laws, where one group is favoured over the other. A Bill that asks people to identify themselves as a particular racial group is repugnant.


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