Strike Three for the Senate: They're Out

Australians are being urged to kick out the unrepresentative swill in the Senate at the next election following their third failure to give people a fair hearing over vaccine mandates, coercion and discrimination.

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson said senators who did not support or even understand basic democratic principles had no business representing the Australian people.

“Labor, Greens and crossbench senators have today again denied the Australian people the opportunity they deserve to express their opposition to vaccine coercion to a parliamentary inquiry,” Senator Hanson said.

“This pack of gutless cowards will do anything to silence the Australian people. They’re mortally afraid of what Australians might tell them in an open inquiry. They won’t let Australians tear down the deceitful edifice they have constructed – that people opposed to this coercion are all extremists to be dismissed and ignored. We’re not anti-vax. We’re pro-choice, and we’ll never stop fighting for the right to choose.

“For the second time, they’ve colluded to prevent my legislation being referred to an inquiry and it’s ultimately the third time they’ve knocked back the bill.

“They’ve had their opportunities to stand up for the rights of the Australian people and failed at every occasion. They do not belong in Parliament if they cannot represent the will of the people.

“But while they’ve made every effort to silence us, what they cannot do is prevent the Australian people having their say at the next election. Ultimately, we are all accountable as elected lawmakers and the next election is the best opportunity for Australians to choose representatives who will stand for their rights.

“Those representatives who support these most fundamental rights will be standing for election as candidates for One Nation. I have absolute confidence in the Australian people to make the right choices for themselves, their families, their communities and their nation.”