Michelle Crowley




Michelle Crowley is a mother and businesswoman with a keen eye on growth and economic development for the north of Adelaide, and improving education outcomes in South Australia. 

Michelle is also keen on solidifying South Australia’s place as a world-leading food producer by promoting more diverse and sustainable agricultural systems and improving water security. 

“Taylor includes some of South Australia’s most productive agricultural land at places like Virginia, and I want to keep it that way. Our state is already a world leader in quality food production and it’s a large and important part of our economy. I want us to stay at the cutting edge and build some resilience into our agricultural industries by promoting systems which reduce expensive inputs. I’ve been a self-sufficient food producer on a small scale, and we need these systems working on a larger scale to ensure food security and sustainable agriculture. We also need to ensure urban development doesn’t encroach on good agricultural land like that at Virginia.” 

Michelle, a former Army reservist, and her husband began a business manufacturing and selling natural therapeutic products 12 years ago. She’s enthusiastic about the economic potential of her community. 

“I’ll be pushing for some incentives to realise the economic potential of Adelaide’s north to help address some pressing local issues, particularly long-term unemployment in the area. I’m talking about things like rate and rent concessions to attract more business and employment opportunities. 

“I’m also very keen on education reform from primary to tertiary levels. Schools and universities should be for education, not indoctrination. That’s one of the reasons I’m standing for One Nation in Taylor, because we support a back-to-basics approach focusing on literacy and numeracy rather than narrow political agendas and ideology. We need to prepare kids for the real world, not the fantasy world of activist idealogues, by teaching them the skills they need for living and working in it. I’ll also be pushing for more resources into our poorer schools.” 

Michelle has also been growing increasingly alarmed at the impact of the failure of Australian governments to protect rights, freedoms and jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I’m standing for One Nation because One Nation stands against the pandemic of discrimination unleashed on the Australian people over the past two years. Everyday Australians are tired of being dictated to and otherwise ignored. Pauline Hanson will always fight for our rights and freedoms, and so will I.” 

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