Teacher, teacher, give me the news

The Australian education system is facing a crisis and classrooms are in chaos.

One Nation offers teachers a platform to share their experiences and suggest solutions.

The education system is being controlled by the extremist left, causing brainwashing and exposure to extremist views.

Children are unable to learn due to constant disruption and a minority of students who have been given control by a flawed system.

One Nation aims to enhance our education policy and put teacher safety and child learning at the centre. We will use the information gathered here to enhance and form policies that will improve the lives of Australian kids.

If you have a classroom story, feel free to comment below and will use the information to make a change. Also, feel free to offer solutions to the problem.

When providing us with your details please be assured we will keep your name strictly confidential. If we raise your concerns publicly, only your initial and electorate will be mentioned. 


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