The Palaszczuk Government’s war on ‘non-compliant’ teachers reached a new low this week.

Not content with all the earlier punishments it has inflicted on this courageous group of workers, the State decided to administer one final kick to the guts by cutting their pay for 18 weeks. Health Minister, Grace Grace, said the teachers were “lucky they weren’t sacked”.

Federal Health Minister, Anika Wells, even more cold-blooded, said: “Everyone has the right to make a choice about whether or not to get vaxxed, but no one has the right to be free from the consequences of that choice”.

This spiteful form of ‘gaslighting’ has become the norm for most officials in Australia today. “Everyone has the right to make a choice”? Minister, PLEASE.

I would have a lot more respect for them if they were just honest about what they were doing. It’s all this tactical ‘gameplay’, ‘gaslighting’ and ‘weaponised’ language’ that I find most contemptible. As someone said recently: “It would be easier if they just dropped a bomb on us”.

For over a year the Queensland Education Department has taken steps to isolate, segregate, impoverish and punish non-compliant teachers. And to ‘position them within the narrative’ as ‘enemies of the state’. I know of many wonderful teachers who have lost everything as a result of these mandates. Not just state teachers either. By all accounts, the role played by ‘CathEd’ has been particularly shocking. The Church didn’t even allow its dissenting teachers to return to work. It just sacked them, or so I’m told.

I have also heard several heartrending accounts of individual priests, nuns and charity workers being cruelly coerced into compliance. The tiny few who stood their ground were mercilessly excluded. A sad come-down for a Church that once played a vital role in defending “individuals” and “outcasts” from the excesses of state power. Archbishop Mannix comes to mind. So does the Church’s lone battle against the Queensland Eugenics Bill of the 1930s.

None of what the Qld Education Department is doing has any logical basis to it. The shots do NOT come with zero risk and no-one knows for sure what their long-term effects will be. “Proven safe and effective”. Hardly.

So why not allow people to rationally weigh the risk/reward balance for themselves? Because this was NEVER about public health. It was about the right of the State to impose its WILL on individual citizens and to ruthlessly punish those who oppose it.

That’s it in a nutshell.

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