Rural and Regional Communities Deserve Support

My first response when thinking about Bob Brown and the Greens' ill-fated 2019 convoy against coal in Queensland is to laugh because it was a joke.

But the more I think about it the more fired up I get because this attitude you see from Labor and the Greens and even many in the Liberal party is the height of hypocrisy.

They attack communities that rely on mining to survive while reaping all the benefits of the affordable energy coal provides to power their phones, iPads, electric scooters, their cars and air conditioning.

It's this out of sight, out of mind attitude that has led to rural and regional communities having their industries stripped away, services cut and their surrounding agricultural land sold off the foreign investors.

These combined effects have had a terrible impact on many of these communities across Australia and yet people in the capital cities not only turn a blind eye they run the members of these communities down by calling them racists, climate deniers, hicks, you name it...

Rural and regional communities provide the raw resources, food, and minerals that this country relies on to survive.

The revenue they generate props up our entire economy and helps pay for the free schools, hospitals, and roads that the people in capital cities take for granted.

It is high time the Liberals, Labor and Greens recognised that rural and regional communities deserve our support, not hypocrisy.


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