The Irony of Being Called Racist

The Magistrates Court (Nunga Court) Amendment Bill 2022 (SA) was passed recently in the Legislative Council. This amendment enshrines in law the use of a sentencing court exclusively for Aboriginal adults found guilty of a crime in SA.

South Australia’s One Nation member, the Hon Sarah Game MLC, was the only member of the Legislative Council to vote against this legislation.

Ms Game acknowledges that Aboriginal communities are affected by higher incarceration, smoking rates, diabetes rates, greater alcoholism, housing instability, and family violence. It is unacceptable that Aboriginal communities across South Australia are not thriving.

However, many electorates within South Australia are also suffering similar issues and generational disadvantages. Many offenders are born into ongoing poverty, trauma, discrimination, generational unemployment, little education, and incarcerated family members.

Ms Game feels it is morally wrong to legislate to one particular group of people based on race. It should be the aspiration of the South Australian government to improve recidivism rates for all offenders.

One Nation stands for equality for all Australians, regardless of background. Ms Game will continue to pursue legislation that improves health, safety and well-being programs for all South Australians.

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