Farming is one of the State’s oldest and most valuable industries and over the past 7 years we have seen it slowly being strangled by the Palaszczuk Government.

Queensland farmers face some of the tightest restrictions on agricultural land and water use in the world. Now there are signs that the Government is preparing to go after farmers yet again.

The impact of imposing more restrictions on farmers could prove fatal this time around.

For more than a decade, Queensland farmers have worked hard to successfully address a wide range of environmental issues in the industry. Across the board, farmers are using improved farm management practices to reduce nutrient and chemical usage as well as farm runoff. Given that the principal causes of water pollution are industry and cities, particularly their sewage systems, more restrictions on agriculture will have a negligible impact on water quality but a HUGE impact on farm yields and profitability.

Nitrogen is an element essential for life, which Australian soil lacks, along with a number of other important minerals. No science is provided to explain at what point the quantity of nitrogen becomes poisonous.

The whole thing is ludicrous.

I am yet to see any of these technocrats go after far more obvious and symbolically important targets, such as private jets and mega yachts. Nor do I hear them criticising massive polluters like Big Pharma, Big Tech or the military-industrial complex, whose emissions utterly dwarf any savings that might come from continuing to slam farmers. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that there is a dedicated push going on to simply drive Queensland farmers out of business. Presumably so the government can scoop up their valuable properties and lock them away in its ‘protected area network’ or redevelop the land for industrial wind and solar.

Either way, Labor appears determined to shut down agriculture and hand food production over to urban-based precision farming and high-tech manufacturers of ‘food-like’ substances made from God knows what.

Who will own these facilities?

The highest bidder, so Big pharma or maybe predatory billionaires like Bill Gates?

At this rate we will see them depopulate the countryside, destroy our environment and end our way of life, long before 2030 rolls around.

If this was really about the environment, the government would work with farmers to implement measures gradually, over time. Instead we have this mad rush by fanatical greens to enforce an ideological agenda that has little to do with climate change OR the environment. An agenda reliant on junk science and a callous indifference to the well-being of Queenslanders.


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