There is a New Hero on the Block in Rockhampton, Queensland

Queensland is experiencing a surge in violent youth crime, causing tensions to escalate among concerned households. Frustrated with the lack of action, community members have taken it upon themselves to address this issue, with former One Nation candidate, Torin O'Brien, leading the charge in working with police to bring local criminals to justice.  

Torin O'Brien's activities have drawn attention to the growing problem of youth crime and sparked a conversation about the role of law enforcement and the criminal justice system in Queensland. Let’s look at Mr O'Brien's actions and see how they have brought much-needed attention to an urgent societal issue. 

Raising Awareness: 

By sharing his concerns on social media, Torin O'Brien has successfully ignited public discourse about the alarming rates of youth crime in Queensland. His proactive social media posts caught the attention of over 350 individuals, demonstrating that many others share his frustration. O'Brien's call for a community meeting further amplified the voices of those affected by crime, offering them a platform to express their concerns and fears. The state Labor MP is lazy and has not taken action to stop youth crime in Rockhampton. By channelling their collective anger and frustration, O'Brien effectively highlighted the devastating impact of crime across Queensland and his home city. 

Urging Action from Law Enforcement: 

O'Brien's actions have pressured law enforcement agencies to take more decisive measures to address youth crime. His public outcry and demand for action have forced the police to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation. Initially, Torin was invited to meet with the local MP and police, but after he gained more public support for his cause than the local Labor MP was willing to accept, the meeting was cancelled.   

Highlighting the Impact on Innocent Citizens: 

O'Brien's actions have drawn attention to the fact that the escalating youth crime problem also exposes the community to potential harm. By attempting to address the issue directly, O'Brien has shed light on the urgent need for increased police presence and resources in areas affected by high levels of crime. This has prompted a discussion about the allocation of resources and the importance of prioritising the safety of all community members. 

Challenging the Status Quo: 

O'Brien's decision to stand against youth crime demonstrates his refusal to accept the status quo. By speaking out and engaging with the community, he has challenged the conventional approach of leaving law enforcement and the criminal justice system solely responsible for combating crime. While it is crucial to respect the authority and expertise of the police, O'Brien's actions have sparked a larger conversation about community involvement in crime prevention and the need for a multi-faceted approach to address the root causes of youth crime. 


Torin O'Brien's passionate activism has brought the issue of youth crime in Queensland to the forefront of public discourse. By raising awareness, urging action from law enforcement, highlighting the impact on innocent citizens, and challenging the status quo, O'Brien has started a conversation that can lead to positive change. It is essential for the community, law enforcement agencies, and the criminal justice system to work together to find comprehensive solutions that ensure the safety and well-being of all citizens. O'Brien's efforts have catalyzed this crucial dialogue, and his determination should be commended as Queensland strives to tackle the pressing issue of youth crime. 

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