Top 5 Reasons Why Albanese Should Stay in Australia Instead of Visiting the King

Anthony Albanese, our weakest Prime Minister on record, is planning to visit King Charles III for the coronation, but should he really?

Here are the top 5 reasons why Albo should stay put in Australia:

1. We can't afford extra mortgage repayments or rent increases. Since Albo took office, the average Australian has had to pay an extra $14,000 a year in mortgage repayments. We are certain chowing down on black caviar and scoffing warm beer are far removed from the struggle street most Aussies find themselves on because of his policies!

2. There's a crime wave, and Albo's done nothing to address it. If he leaves now, who will keep us safe? Maybe he can ask for some of the King’s guard to help bolster Queensland’s police force?

3. His Foreign Minister has gone rogue and gifted $3.5 million to a random international organisation to promote ‘LGBTQ+ rights’. We need Albo here to keep an eye on his ministers and make sure they're not blowing cash on their latest whim, no matter how good the flagrancy would make Whitlam look.

4. Electricity prices keep climbing despite promises they would drop. We can't afford to pay more for electricity just so Albo can go visit the King and talk about how much he doesn't like the royal family.

5. He claims he's a republican and doesn't like the royal family. If he goes to visit the King, won't that be a bit hypocritical? Maybe he should just stay here and give us the details of the Voice, so we know exactly how his government plans on trashing our constitution.


The issue isn’t with the King, or our current constitutional arrangements, the problem is Albo, he’s been a bad Prime Minister leading a rotten government. Seriously, we suggest Albo delegate the task to a person who would appreciate the institution, like one of our serving defence force personnel or a first responder.

Albo has created a fat mess because he is as weak as a warm, flat beer and has no right to jet off in pure luxury while leaving behind a diminished and wrecked country. In short Albo is worse than Whitlam, and that takes effort.

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