Top 5 Scandals Engulfing Queensland Labor

While much national attention has been on the corruption scandals invloving Daniel Andrew’s Victorian Labor Government, not as much attention has been given to the absolute chaos in Queensland under Annastacia Palaszczuk’s lack of sound governance.

Here are the top five scandals engulfing Australia’s most haphazard and incompetent leader:

  1. Another Queensland Health Payroll disaster. In 2010 the Bligh government was partly brought down by a huge scandal that saw 100’s millions of taxpayer dollars being overpaid (and underpaid) to Queensland Health workers. Turns out the party hasn’t ended, with a recent audit showing Labor has learned nothing and continued for the last 8 YEARS overpaying staff throughout Queensland Health.
  2. The Crime Wave is brutal. There has been a 50% jump in Queensland youth crime, the highest in the nation. While national attention is on the suffering citizens of Alice Springs, little attention is given to Mt Isa, Townsville or Cairns, where youth offending is out of the ballpark.
  3. The Gabba Stadium’s 2032 Olympic overhaul was slated to cost $1billion. Turns out this initial amount, proposed on the back of a coaster, is nowhere near the real cost with new predictions showing costs north of $3 billion. That is a $2billon blunder, and that is staggering. 
  4. The Cross River Tunnel which connects The Gabba in Brisbane’s south to various stops underground and the North/CBD has blow-up from $5 billion to at least $8 billion now. Astonishingly money has been spent of full-scale mock-ups of the stations, so commuters can ‘touch and feel’ the stations and see what they’re like.
  5. Added taxes that were promised never to be introduced. The worst of these chaotic disasters is the GP tax, which has caused a raft of GPs to opt out of the bulk billing system.

Notice all the disasters (crime and payroll) adversely affect regional centres, and yet the infrastructure blowouts are for guided city projects that deliver little or no substance to infrastructure-poor regional areas? Queenslanders are unable to point to a single thing the Labor state government has gotten right. Disaster after disaster has plagued Labor, all the while our Premier struts red carpets up and down the state, desperate for social page attention.

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