Transgender participation undermines fairness in women’s sport

Scott Morrison’s backflip on banning transgender women from Australian women’s sports is just the latest surrender to woke activism by a ‘leader’ with no moral compass.

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson said the Prime Minister’s reversal of his support for Senator Claire Chandler’s ‘Save Women’s Sports’ bill was a kick in the teeth to women who had fought for the right to compete in single-sex sports.

“This Prime Minister never backs his words with action,” Senator Hanson said. “He said he didn’t support COVID-19 vaccine mandates but did nothing to prevent them. He called Senator Chandler’s bill ‘terrific’ on Monday, but won’t back it on Wednesday.

“The Australian people deserve a straight answer: does Scott Morrison support trans women unfairly competing in women’s sports? Yes or no? Does he have any conviction at all?

“In the past, women were excluded from sport so they took their bat and ball and formed their own competitions and teams. The recent success of women’s competitions in footy demonstrates how far we’ve come in Australia.

“However, sport is meaningless unless it’s fair. Allowing trans women to compete in women’s sport is not. It undermines and contradicts the entire concept of sport.

“If trans women want to play sport, they should do what women did before them – take their bat and ball and form their own competitions and teams. Give them an inch in women’s sport and they will take a mile, but not if I have anything to say about it.”

Senator Hanson also called for a ban on gender reassignment surgery or other related procedures unlawful for Australians under 18 years old.

“Woke Liberal moderate senators up for re-election like Simon Birmingham, Marise Payne and Dean Smith might support this sort of thing, but we don’t allow people under 18 to vote in Australia for a good reason – they’re not mature enough to make such an important decision – and for this same reason they should not be allowed to access gender reassignment surgery,” she said.

“Traditional Liberal voters are despairing at Scott Morrison’s impotence as the party lurches to the left on these divisive issues. Many have turned to One Nation as the last remaining political party fighting for Australian values against the excesses of woke activism.

“One Nation doesn’t care if men want to be trans women, but it doesn’t entitle them to put the safety of biological women at risk by competing in women’s sport. It makes a mockery of the achievements of great Australian women athletes, many of whom were pioneers in their chosen sports, and One Nation will never support it.”

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