Ugly black nationalism finds its voice

As radical as the communist Australian Greens are, even their extremism isn’t quite radical enough for black nationalist activist Lidia Thorpe.

The woman who called Queen Elizabeth a coloniser and declared war on non-indigenous people on Australia Day sensationally quit the Greens this week, less than a year after she was elected as a Greens senator for Victoria, so she can pursue her ‘black sovereignty’ agenda without Adam Bandt holding her leash. The Greens were already heading down this road with their so-called ‘blak’ faction and attacks on the Australian flag. They just weren’t doing it fast enough for Lidia Thorpe.

Hers is an ugly agenda with no consideration for the history of this great nation, which is shared by all Australians regardless of race. She won’t stop – and the Greens won’t stop – until non-indigenous Australians are second-class citizens in their own land paying rent for the privilege of living here.

Lidia Thorpe represents the very worst of identity and grievance politics in Australia, but in one way she is doing us a favour – showing us that a voice to Parliament in the Australian Constitution is only the first step in permanently dividing our country by race.

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