Unmasking the Scandal: Malcolm Roberts Exposes Hidden Foreign Ownership of Australian Property


A startling revelation has surfaced, shaking the foundations of Australia's property market. Senator Malcolm Roberts of One Nation has unearthed evidence pointing to a significant disparity between official government statistics and the number of Australian homes foreigners purchase. This revelation has sparked urgent calls for an official investigation into the issue, raising concerns about housing affordability and national interests.

The Discrepancy in Numbers:

Official records from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) indicate that only 0.74 per cent of residential dwelling transactions in 2021-22 involved foreign buyers. However, a well-respected NAB survey of real estate agents suggests a different reality. The survey reveals that foreign purchases accounted for over two per cent of established homes and four to eight per cent of new dwellings during the same financial year.

Senator Roberts' Call to Action:

Senator Malcolm Roberts insists that the FIRB fails to capture the full extent of foreign purchases in Australia. His urgent call for Treasurer Jim Chalmers to launch an official investigation aims to address the glaring discrepancy in statistics and shed light on the true state of the property market.

Implications for the Australian Property Market:

The emerging scandal has significant implications for the domestic property market:

  1. Housing Affordability Concerns: If foreign ownership is more widespread than believed, it could exacerbate the already challenging housing affordability situation for Australian citizens. Increased competition from foreign buyers might drive up prices and limit locals' access to the property market.
  2. National Interest and Security: Foreign ownership of many residential properties raises national interest and security concerns. The influence of foreign entities on local communities and decision-making processes is a crucial consideration.
  3. Policy Review: The government may need to reevaluate foreign investment policies and tighten regulations to ensure transparency and accountability in property transactions involving foreign buyers. Stricter controls can help protect the interests of Australian citizens and maintain market stability.


Senator Malcolm Roberts' exposure to the potential foreign ownership scandal demands immediate attention. The glaring disparity between official government statistics and real estate agents' data requires a thorough investigation to grasp the true extent of foreign purchases in the Australian property market. Policymakers must strike a careful balance between encouraging foreign investment, safeguarding national interests, and housing affordability for Australian citizens. The nation can only address this pressing issue and ensure a robust and fair property market for all through comprehensive action.

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