Voice Endgame

Letter to the editor – The Australian 10/03/2023

Voice details

We can at least be thankful that the longer the debate about the proposed voice to parliament goes, the more transparent it’s advocates become.


Referendum working group member Marcia Langton openly submits (“Leaders’ final pitch for maximum voice”, 9/3) that it will link directly to the executive government and not just the parliament. She argues “every Australian has the right to litigate a government decision”, so what’s the problem? (A reasonable response may be to question the need for change if the opportunity already exists).

In a further display of openness, government leader in the Senate Penny Wong, in response to a question from One Nation senator Pauline Hanson on Wednesday, reinforced that the government supported the Uluru statement and its three tenets: truth-telling, treaty and voice. Finally there is no doubt as to the endgame.

Kim Keogh, East Fremantle, WA

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