Labor Fumbles on Voice

One thing you can always rely on Labor to do well is muck things up.  The federal Labor government has proposed a significant change to our constitution, known as "the voice".


Unfortunately, the only aspects of their plans that have concrete information are:

  1. Silence any dissent and refuse funding to opposing voices
  2. Award themselves large amounts of taxpayer money to fund the "yes" side under the guise of "misinformation" campaigns
  3. .. and if the Prime Minister loses the campaign he plans to legislate for a "voice to parliament" regardless of what Australians want

Anthony Albanese is on record as saying he hasn’t even sought the legal opinion of government lawyers about the ramifications of the "voice".

Former High Court Judges have stated that a "voice" poses a significant risk of being hijacked by those who will tie the federal government up in legal challenges to everything parliament decides without first consulting the proposed third chamber of parliament ("the voice").

We cannot rely on Anthony Albanese's promise that everything will be okay. Although the radicals have all the money and support from extremist organisations, there is no certainty Labor will win a referendum.

It is crucial that we take action to stop this proposed change to our constitution.

The only way to defeat the "voice" is through hard work and effort. Our members, supporters, and volunteers are the very Australians who will stop Labor's proposed changes.

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