Vote One Nation, Victoria!

Victorians go to the polls this weekend, and what a choice they have to make.

Or they can vote for the party which puts them, their state and their country first: One Nation.

They can vote for more of the same: record debt and unaccountable government under Dan Andrews and Labor.

They can surrender logic and reason and waste their votes on the radical Marxist greens.

Or they can vote for the party which puts them, their state and their country first: One Nation.

One Nation will demand accountability for the direct attacks on democracy and freedom that were part of the longest, harshest and most ruinous pandemic lockdown in the world.

One Nation will pursue this through a Royal Commission into the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our party will champion energy independence, security, reliability and affordability.

We’ll push for Victoria’s vast gas reserves to be used to the benefit of the Victorian people.

We’ll push for a second interconnector across Bass Strait, and for the expansion of fuel storage facilities at Geelong.

We’ll advocate for measures to improve water and food security.

One Nation supports expansion of the Big Buffalo Dam, and more certainty about water allocations for the state’s irrigators.

We’ll work to improve education outcomes, with a focus on critical skills and thinking, and education instead of indoctrination.

We’ll work to arrest the slide of Australian education standards.

We’ll work to improve health services, especially in regional Victoria, tightening obligations on medical graduates to ensure they work in regional areas in return for assistance with their HELP-HECS debt.

We have a strong, workable policy to address the rental and housing crisis in Victoria – banning foreign ownership of residential property to increase supply, lowering immigration to reduce demand, and eliminating red tape which is slowing the release of land.

We’ll hold the government to account, working to implement recommendations from IBAC and the Ombudsman that are being ignored by the tyrannical Andrews government.

We will advocate long-term investments in infrastructure, especially in regional areas, that will underpin Victorian prosperity for decades to come.

Upgrades to the Princes Highway and Bass Highway are our priorities, as is the massive backlog in regional road maintenance.
One Nation will be the champion of revitalising Victoria’s regional rail networks, and we will work to scrap the useless over-budget Metro Link – nothing more than a vanity project for Dan Andrews.

We’ll implement policies to support a skilled and flexible workforce, revitalising vocational education and establishing innovation hubs in regional areas.

And – most importantly – One Nation will be resolute in the defence of fundamental democratic principles like freedom of speech, religion, association and assembly.

These principles came under direct and sustained attack by the tyrannical Andrews Labor government, which shamelessly used intimidation, heavy-handed police tactics and surveillance to force the Victorian people into compliance.

We will not allow that to happen ever again!

Vote One Nation, Victoria!

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