WEF describes One Nation as Xenophobic, Racist and Extremist

The World Economic Forum has described One Nation as Xenophobic, Racist and Extremist on it's "Strategic Intelligence" hub, a member only service.

The Strategic Intelligence hub aims to provide talking points to some of the world's most elite corporate and government officers. One of the WEF's Strategic Intelligence partners is the Center for China and Globalisation.

One Nation's policies do not contain one reference to skin colour. Our goal has always been the equal treatment of all based on content of character, not differential treatment on skin colour as Albanese's Voice to Parliament would do.

As for extreme, our policies are simply conservative, all of which were accepted in the mainstream media only ten years ago before politicians accelerated their sellout of our country.

International, globalist, unelected organisations that seek to control our country from the top down must be rejected.

This false labelling of One Nation must be called out for what it is, foreign interference in our democracy.


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