What Is Pushing Our Farming Sector To The Brink?

Similar to the COVID-19 pandemic and the UK's 'mad cow' disease outbreak, Victorian authorities are now dealing with an avian influenza outbreak, also known as 'bird flu'. They are quarantining farms and culling hundreds of thousands of chickens.

This outbreak is affecting egg supplies nationwide, leading to restricted egg sales.

Thankfully, the outbreak isn’t as severe as foot-and-mouth disease or Karnal bunt, a serious wheat disease. Australia has a strict quarantine system to protect against pests and diseases.

For instance, the 1956 Melbourne Olympic equestrian events were held in Sweden due to these strict quarantine rules.

One Nation believes Australia can improve its biosecurity. Currently, only one per cent of the eight million shipping containers arriving each year are inspected visually. We propose doubling these inspections and funding them with fines for biosecurity breaches.

We also want more resources for managing and eradicating existing pests, such as the Mediterranean fruit fly, which harms fruit production in Western Australia.

One Nation is also opposing animal rights activists who aim to shut down Australia’s livestock industries, risking thousands of jobs. These activists have also made the egg industry more vulnerable by campaigning against caged egg farming.

Their ultimate goal is to make eating meat or dairy illegal in Australia. We support stronger laws and penalties against activists who illegally invade farms and abattoirs, posing risks to workers, farmers, and animals.


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