What's Happening in Warringah Regarding Transgender?

You might have seen controversy in the Federal election campaign about the Liberal candidate in Tony Abbott’s old seat of Warringah, Katherine Deves.

Deves is a committed feminist who, like JK Rowling and Germaine Greer, is opposed to transgender men (declaring themselves to be female) eroding the hard-fought-for rights of women, especially in girls’ sports.

She strongly opposes biological men taking opportunities away from females in these codes: swimming, running, weight-lifting, cricket, and footy. Good on her for this commonsense view.

I do not support Deves’ past attacks on men, however. But the Leftie media and she-men like the NSW Treasurer Matt Kean are not raising those comments in their attempt to rub her out as a Liberal candidate.

Their agenda is the promotion of transgender.

This is a worrying time for our society, with the woke brigade determined to make gender as fluid as running tap water.

Sport is part of it, but the bigger problem is in our schools.

Every week my office receives complaints from parents about gender studies and gender diversity courses being taught in classrooms.

Umina Beach Public School on the NSW Central Coast, for instance, has run a gender fluidity class for its Year 2 students, telling 7-year-old boys they can be girls, and vice versa.

The Deputy Principal introduced it to parents as follows:

“As part of our child protection unit, Year 2 classes will participate in a lesson about gender diversity. This lesson provides students with the opportunity to explore the topic of gender and gender diversity. Gender refers to the way that you feel on the inside. It might be expressed by how you dress or how you behave and for some people, these things may change over time.”

Often we are told to, ‘Follow the science, follow the science’.  But at this school, biological science has been forgotten.

The X- and Y-chromosomes have been replaced by how “you feel on the inside”, whatever that means for a 7-year-old.

None of this is part of the NSW school's curriculum.

Activist teachers have converted a lesson on child protection to engage in a form of child abuse.

And the reaction of the National Party Education Minister, Sarah Mitchell? She has defended the school and praised the teachers.

When Dominic Perrottet became Premier, some in the media said he was too Christian and had too many children.

Wrong! The real danger in NSW is having children who go to gender fluidity sinkholes like Umina Beach.

Seven-year-olds exposed to indoctrination, not education.

Last year the upper house Education Committee I chair recommended to the Perrottet Cabinet that where gender issues have arisen for a child at any NSW government school, the parents should have an automatic right to be told about what’s happening.

Perrottet not only rejected this but, incredibly, said that the children themselves have a legal right to tell the school to keep their parents in the dark.

His government has authorised gender fluidity lessons in Year 2 and upwards. Then to make things worse: if a 7-year-old boy comes to school the next day and says he’s a girl and that the school should not tell his parents, the school is obliged to follow the young fella’s directive.

Perrottet at one time declared himself to be part of the ‘Parent’s Federation’, but his official policy is to keep parents in the dark on big developments affecting their children at school.

In an act of madness, he’s handed over control of schools and families to little kids.

Most teachers will tell you it’s impossible to know if transgender in schools is genuine, an act of attention-seeking, part of a fad, or a callow prank.

Whatever the case, teachers can’t say anything about it, because if a student self-harms it’s the end of their career.

This is a legal mess and a practical quagmire.

Whichever way you cut it, it’s the worst policy I’ve seen in public life: sidelining loving, devoted parents and handing over the fate of their children to woke, Umina Beach-type teachers, who are just as likely to change schools next year and never be seen again.

NSW One Nation is fighting this stuff, tooth-and-nail.

Our policy is to outlaw transgender indoctrination in the education system.

We also believe in Parental Rights and are trying to enact new laws to protect them.

Parents have a right to know. With the promotion of gender fluidity in schools, they must have a legal right to know exactly what is happening to their children.

Perrottet and his woke ministers Mitchell and Matt Green have lost the plot.

Mark Latham MLC


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