We Need the Truth

We believe there needs to be a more serious review of WA State Government policies during the COVID period, noting that the actions taken had a profound impact on our civil liberties and economy. 

It is now clear that the vaccines did not work as advertised, were not completely safe, and that significant censorship and disinformation was practiced by the WA Labor Government.

We appreciate many people do not want to talk about what happened during Covid, however it is important that we are completely open and honest about one of the most disruptive periods in our state’s history, which had profound adverse impact on many Western Australians. 

One Nation opposes COVID-19 vaccine mandates on Australian citizens.

One Nation will continue its push for a Royal Commission into the management of the COVID-19 pandemic by Australian governments.

While we acknowledge that people have died from COVID, there is a noteworthy difference between 'died of’, versus 'died with’. It is critical that an honest and thorough examination of how Federal, State, and Territory governments managed the pandemic is implemented by the parliament.

We need a Royal Commission not to lay blame or find scapegoatsbecause the buck will always stop with the Prime Minister and State and Territory leaders as it must in a representative democracy—but primarily to learn which pandemic measures worked and which didn’t, so that we are much better prepared for the next pandemic.

Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them.

A Royal Commission of Inquiry will have the necessary power to compel the expert health advice Australian governments relied upon to justify and implement pandemic measures—much of this advice has been hidden from the Australian people. We need a Royal Commission because this inquiry must be completely transparent to the Australian public.

The Australian people deserve a comprehensive account of the decisions made by their governments to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.