One Nation WA call for better deal for Teachers

One Nation WA welcomes the pay increase for teachers, however notes this is not enough to keep our best teachers in the profession.

Teachers are critical in our society, they have a huge impact on the lives of our children and our future. Sadly our best teachers find it ever harder to do their jobs, and the issues that keep being raised are:

- Class sizes 

- Inability to discipline disruptive students

- Endless reporting and bureaucracy 

- Management heavy school administrations

- Mental health crisis in students

At One Nation WA we understand that a pay increase that barely keeps up with inflation does nothing to address the real problems in the education system, which has become ever more degraded over time.

Every teacher and parent knows that the larger the group of children, the harder it is to create an environment where children can concentrate and learn. Class sizes keep expanding, and the underlying reason for this is that investment in schools has not been enough to keep up with demand.

Teachers need to be able to discipline students, children need rules and boundaries, our job is not to affirm their feelings rather we need to teach them to regulate them. 

We need to reform the education department, as too many teachers complain about pointless ideological directives, process changes, poorly implemented system changes and reporting requirements that come from Silver City. 

Another issue that has been raised is the number of management positions at schools, with the large number of non-teaching staff in relation to teaching staff. This is another sign of a system that needs serious attention.

We also have mental health crisis in our schools, huge numbers of children are displaying concerning behaviours, and teachers are expected to be able to deal with complex situations that they are not trained for. Teachers are provided with technology systems where they can see how many in their class are flagged for mental health issues, and the numbers have raised some alarm with many in the profession.

So whilst One Nation WA welcomes the pay increase, we want teachers and parents to know that we are listening, and we will not be afraid to address the real issues.

Class sizes keep increasing due to a larger population, that is being driven by massive immigration. Woke ideology prohibits teachers from disciplining children, as their feelings need to be affirmed, even if that means tolerating unacceptable behaviours. Also, the cost of living crisis and climate hysteria is resulting in kids who think they have no future.

We need to do better, for our teachers, our children, and our state. Only Pauline Hanson's One Nation WA will cut through the nonsense, and get back to focusing on what matters for our children, and that is learning how to learn by commanding English, maths and sciences.