WA Health System needs Rehab

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation WA State Leader Rod Caddies has called for significant reform of the health system following reports of another child passing away due to an alleged systemic failure at a major Perth hospital.


“I have been talking to Doctors and Nurses who all tell me the same thing – they are stretched to the limit, and they are constantly asked to do more” said Mr Caddies.


Mr Caddies added that due to excessive workloads health professionals are concerned they are no longer able to do a good job due to the conditions they are forced to work in.


Mr Caddies said “Talk to anyone working in the health system, and they will tell you that they are required to do endless reporting, via ever-changing systems, and are forced to complete never-ending training in matters that have little relation to performing their actual job, and it all originates from the Health Department and the consultants they spend millions on.”


“The result of the mismanagement of our health system is that mistakes will be made, we would not let a truck driver do a 12 hour shift without a proper break, but I have heard from many Nurses and Doctors that they frequently do so as otherwise their patients would be left with no-one.”


The WA One Nation leader also called for the resignation of Health Minister Amber Jade Sanderson, noting that she is clearly not up to the job of addressing the real problems in the system.


“We see it every time something goes wrong, the Minister blames the frontline staff for not following procedures, but refuses to acknowledge the obvious underlying problem, which is that health staff are over-worked” said Mr Caddies.


“One Nation WA will drastically cut back the onion-like layers of bureaucracy that prevent staff from actually doing their job, and put the focus on having enough staff so people don’t burn out, so our doctors and nurses can give patients the time and care they deserve.”


“One Nation WA has listened to the people who really know what needs to change in the health system, something the major parties seem incapable of doing.”


Media Contact: Rod Caddies - 0411 562 460